Benefits summary

Grundfos-Rainwater Harvesting-task2

Benefits summary

This document summarises the main benefits of Grundfos solutions for rainwater harvesting.

Solutions that make a difference
By collecting rainwater for use in and around the home, rainwater harvesting solutions can alleviate pressure on sewers and reduce the need to use valuable drinking water for toilets and other applications where grey water is equally suitable.

Dry-installed and submersible
Two basic types ensure the greatest possible installation flexibility.

Quiet and space-saving
Our submersible models cannot be heard and do not occupy any space in the home.

Easy accessibility
Our dry-installed options can be installed in easily accessible spaces for quick and convenient servicing.

Pressurised piping
Pressurised piping frees installers to position the tank anywhere, with no risk of losing water pressure.

All-in-one convenience
All-in-one solutions simplify installation and commissioning.


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