Grundfos Opens Flagship Centre in Makati


Grundfos Opens Flagship Centre in Makati

New facility will promote advanced capabilities for improved water supply and sewage treatment in the Philippines

Grundfos, the world’s largest pump manufacturer, has unveiled its newest facility at Osmena Ave., San Isidro, in the city of Makati this afternoon. Focused on the vision of “Transforming Lives Tomorrow, Today”, the investment underscores Grundfos’ commitment towards clean and sustainable living environments in the Philippines through the latest water technologies.

Officiating at the opening of Grundfos Building were the Hon. Erik Moller Nielsen, Danish Consul and Vice President for the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines; Mr Niels Due Jensen, Chairman of The Poul Due Jensen Foundation and member of the Board of Directors of Grundfos Holdings A/S; and Mr Okay Barutçu, Area Managing Director for ASEAN countries and General Manager of Grundfos Singapore.

Vice Mayor Romulo Peña, city of Makati, made a quick appearance to congratulate the leadership and staff of Grundfos Pumps Philippines for their accomplishments and being on top of technological advancement in pumping systems in the water industry for eighteen (18) years in the Philippines.

With the theme: “Transforming Lives Tomorrow, Today”, Grundfos Philippines sees greater business opportunities in the fast growing infrastructure project sector and chance to contribute for a better quality of life for the communities that help around 100 million people in the country today.

Spread over 5,400 square metres, the new premises features a spacious duplex warehouse as well as test facilities and training rooms, where demonstrations and assembly methods for different kinds of pumps can be carried out. As a result, potential clients and business partners can look forward to seeing first-hand the various user-driven design and benefits built into Grundfos technologies.

Facility tour

"While we aim to provide products and solutions with the best possible quality, reliability, functionality and operating economy, we’re now better-equipped to train our representatives and engage customers through product demos and technical discussions. Investing time in the needs of our customers sets us apart from our competitors, and this is an important step towards higher service quality,” said Mr Rick Holland, Managing Director of Grundfos Philippines.


Helping communities, improving lives

Headquartered in Denmark, Grundfos sees great business potential in the fast growing infrastructure projects sector, along with opportunities to contribute to a better quality of life for the communities that make up the 100 million people in the Philippines.

Enhancing water supply and sewage treatment will improve community health and help preserve the environment. At the same time, flood protection technologies and equipment will reduce the catastrophic impact on life and communities as well as businesses from over 20 typhoons that hit the Philippines on average each year.


Mr. Niels Due Jensen giving his inspirational speech

The opportunity to participate in the shaping of a greener Philippines through expert advice in engineering and water management solutions is a privilege for the Grundfos Group. We are committed to this global cause, and will be working with local authorities and professional partners to make better lives for Filipino households and communities a reality today

Mr. Niels Due Jensen, Chairman of The Poul Due Jensen Foundation and member of the Board of Directors of Grundfos Holdings A/S

Mr. Okay Barutcu entertaining VIP guests

Economic growth relies on the dependable supply and distribution of water for agriculture, industrial and residential needs. However, rapid urbanisation and population growth also creates the urgency for the disposal of wastewater without harming public health or the environment. Grundfos is committed to emerging ASEAN markets, and is stepping up solutions to address both ends of this spectrum

Mr. Okay Barutçu, Area Managing Director for ASEAN countries

Spearheading institutional collaboration

Spearheading institutional collaboration

Towards this end, Grundfos works closely with universities in the area of mechanical engineering, and contributes to professionalism in the pump industry by nurturing skilled talents in the field of water hydraulics and pump applications. This is being achieved through a University Partnership Agreement with De La Salle University (DLSU), a top institution for teaching and research based in Manila.

Under the agreement, Grundfos Philippines will also share technical expertise through the conduct of lectures and career talks, donate technical material materials and software programmes for the advancement of technical learning, and initiate a cadetship programme for intern engineers from DLSU.

The agreement was signed by Mr Holland on behalf of Grundfos Philippines, and Mr. Efren Dela Cruz, Vice Dean of DLSU’s Gokongwei College of Engineering, during the opening ceremony.

As part of today’s programme, guests were also invited to tour the new facility and view an impressive display of specialty pumps and cutting-edge water treatment systems and solutions that cater to residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and mining needs.


Grundfos in the Philippines

Grundfos in the Philippines

Grundfos products have been marketed and deployed in the Philippines through exclusive distribution since 1987. To meet growing demands in the water utility and commercial building segments, a representative office was set up in 1995 to provide pumping solutions nationwide. With business expansion and growing clientele from both public and private sectors, the company was able to transform from fledgling sales unit into a strategic environmental partner providing expert advice to local businesses and municipalities.

Today, Grundfos is a well-established brand offering innovative pump systems and products and advanced water technologies in the Philippines. It employs a team of 50 local staff, and embraces the long-term commitment to delivering clean and potable water to every Filipino home.

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Notes for Editors

About Grundfos

An annual production of more than 16 million pump units makes Grundfos one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning as well as other centrifugal pumps for the industry, water supply, sewage and dosing are the main products. Today Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulators, covering app. 50% of the world market of these pumps.

The Grundfos Group is represented by more than 80 companies in more than 55 countries. In addition Grundfos products are sold in a large number of countries by local distributors.

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