Sustainable product solutions

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Grundfos believes that we can create most value for our stakeholders within two areas; our products and developing our people.


With the focus area 'Sustainable product solutions' we commit ourselves to raise the bar for sustainable product solutions within energy efficiency and water focusing on the entire product life cycle. Also, we will provide outstanding service with focus on sustainability.

'Sustainable product solutions’ focuses, among other things, on Grundfos’ ability to invent and sell technologies and solutions helping the end-user to reduce their energy consumption and lower their water consumption. Also, introducing new ways of re-using resources is important, as there is focus on the entire product life cycle including disposal and recycling.

A specific ambition is to build on our position as trendsetter in water technology.

In short we wish to:

  • be as known for our water technologies as we are for our energy efficient solutions
  • adopt an end-of-life mentality focusing on recycling and disposal of our products by 2017
  • know the total impact of our products in the entire life cycle, hereby taking a product responsibility throughout the value chain
  • offer outstanding service solutions for the professional and the user market which focuses on sustainability
  • be a credible business partner in all sales processes with competent and well-trained sales people who utilise sustainability as a strong sales parameter

Want to learn more about how pumps actually represent one of the best opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions using existing technology. 

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