Strategic focus areas

Strategic focus areas

We believe that everyday holds the possibility of making the world a better. Results are not going to come over night, but day by day, year by year – and through the effort of our global organisation – we deliver on the ambition of our founders and on the purpose our company.

We have therefore identified six strategic focus areas for our work with sustainability:


Sustainable Product Solutions

We will raise the bar for sustainable product
solutions within energy efficiency and water
focusing on the entire product life cycle.

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People Competences

We will attract, retain and develop world-class
people to take on the sustainability agenda.

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Environmental Footprint

We will reduce our environmental footprint throughout the entire value chain, including at suppliers.

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We will make a positive impact in our surrounding
communities and establish local partnerships.

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We will promote a diverse workforce within a
safe and healthy work environment to foster an
inclusive culture.

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Responsible Business Conduct

We will ensure that we live up to all applicable
laws, rules, regulations, and voluntary commitments,
e.g. through our work with our Code of Conduct.

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