Our performance

At Grundfos we take pride in doing our part in contributing to a more sustainable world - and we approach the task with confidence.

Every day Grundfos people take steps to create sustainable results and to contribute to Grundfos becoming an ever more sustainable company.

We focus on actions and results:

Raise the bar; Make a difference; Reduce footprint; Value everyone; Be a good neighbour; Act ethically.

Here are the highlights of our sustainability results 2012.     


Raise the bar
We will raise the bar for sustainable product solutions within energy efficiency and water, focusing on the entire product life cycle.

The total sale of Grundfos A-labelled pumps from 2005–2012 has saved 1.8 billion kWh globally, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 1.1 million inhabitants in EU.


Make a difference
We will attract, retain and developworld-class people to take on the sustainability agenda.

As of end of year 2012, Grundfos employees worldwide had donated 150,000 euro to the employee programme Water2Life – showing the great sustainability engagement among our employees.


Reduce footprint
We will reduce our environmental footprint throughout the entire value chain, including at suppliers. Our ambition is to never emit more CO₂ than we did in 2008.

Since 2008 we have reduced our absolute CO₂ emission by 16 % in spite of the fact that we have grown our business by 18.8 % in the same period. The reduction from 2008–2012 corresponds to 20,000 people flying across the Atlantic.


Value everyone
We will promote a diverse workforce within a safe and healthy work environment to foster an inclusive culture. Our target is that 3 % of Grundfos employees are employed on special terms. This is e.g. employees with reduced working capacity, disabled individuals and long-term unemployed people. Since 2008 we have more than reached the target with 4 % on average for all Grundfos companies.


Be a good neighbour
We will make a positive impact in our surrounding communities and establish local partnerships.

40 Grundfos Lifelink projects in Kenya are providing sustainable access to safe water for nearly 100,000 people. The projects are established through partnerships with local communities, the Kenyan government, and development sector organisations.


Act ethically
We will ensure that we live up to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and voluntary commitments, e.g. through our work with our Code of Conduct.

In 2012, all Grundfos people received a copy of The Code of Conduct handbook. The handbook is a user-friendly guide providing concrete examples of how to handle a range of situations in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

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