The Grundfos logo

The Grundfos logo

Grundfos’ Logo Symbol is a simplified sketch of the Archimedes screw designed 2000 years ago by the ancient Greek mathematician to draw water from waterways and lakes.

The Grundfos logo became the registered trademark of Grundfos in 1955, and has since undergone several transformations.

In 2001 the logo was redesigned. The new design is based on - and respects - the old logo, which is known nationally as well as internationally.
Grundfos is an increasingly dynamic organisation. Our identity design has been developed to reflect our core business.

The Grundfos trademarks and logo displayed on this site and affiliated sites are - unless otherwise indicated - the property of the Grundfos Group.
For questions regarding the Grundfos logo - please contact your local Grundfos representative.

Click here to see how the Grundfos logo has developed through the years

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