People management

People management

People management - Group Policy

The people management of the Group is based on the attitude that - provided appropriate conditions are established - the employees are willing to take on responsibility and to act in a responsible way in accordance with the Group’s basic values.

Each employee has the right and duty to call attention to circumstances which in his/her opinion are unreasonable or harmful to the Group.

The Grundfos organi-zational structure shall encourage cross-organizational co-operation in order to solve the various tasks efficiently. As far as possible, work must be organized in self-directed teams wherever this furthers customer and employee satisfaction as well as productivity.

Everywhere, the Group will aim at a good working environment which is attractive to present as well as future employees, which encourages them to utilize their abilities, and which gives them job satisfaction and a sense of well-being. Grundfos is conscious of its social responsibility and also employs people on special terms of employment.

Every position must be occupied by the best-qualified candidate. Present employees have preference if they have the same qualifications as external applicants. It must be ensured that new employees can identify themselves with Grundfos’ basic values.

The Group will reward committed, responsible and competent employees with both professional and personal development opportunities. Job rotation (next job) shall be used as an active means of development of the employee as well as Grundfos.

The Group’s competence development programme shall ensure that employees receive education and training enabling them not only to fulfil the requirements of the present position but also to live up to future requirements.

It is a basic attitude of the Group that all employees in the individual companies are treated equally irrespective of sex, race and religion in order to ensure equal opportunities of employment, employment conditions, training and promotion.

The remuneration of the employees is fixed and adjusted on the basis of relevant market and competence levels. The Group aims at a flexible remuneration system encouraging initiative, involvement and results.

All employees shall have an annual employee development interview during which the employee and his/her immediate superior jointly evaluate the achievements of the employee and discuss goals for the coming year, competence development and remuneration.

It must be ensured that settlement of disagreements as well as the termination of service is handled in a dignified manner.

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