CSR in the supply chain Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Group Purchase

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones in the values of the GRUNDFOS Group. Group Purchase has a high focus on supporting this value by focusing on sustainability and social responsibility when sourcing and making agreements with suppliers of products or materials used for production. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated in the Group Purchase strategy by a set of ethical standards, which are to be respected when creating and developing trusting relationships with suppliers.

As a principle rule, the Group will co-operate with suppliers for whom quality, the environment, ethics, flexibility and security of suppliers have high priority.

Responsibility is not only a visible element when evaluating suppliers in GRUNDFOS, it is also a part of the contractual agreement made with the supplier. The aim is to increase the standards in accordance with as well local values as UN Global Compact. We believe in supplier development through communication and education and find it important to support our suppliers when it comes to increasing the standards within sustainability and responsibility. In Group Purchase we focus on responsibility because we believe it makes a real difference for the future.

Supplier Code of Conduct


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