What we buy - Direct


Direct materials in the GRUNDFOS Group are defined as products which are part of our own produced products’ bill of materials.

The purchase of direct materials within the GRUNDFOS Group is divided in several clusters. Below you will find the clusters presented as well as an overall description of the categories/ products within the clusters:

  • Metals such as stainless flat and round products, copper wire, cables, aluminium and lamination.
  • Polymers & Chemicals such as raw and moulded composite materials, chemicals, insulation materials & raw and moulded rubber.
  • Castings in the materials iron, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, titanium as well as die cast rotors
  • Mechanics such as transmission, seals, bearings, tanks, valves, fittings in all materials, springs and magnets.
  • Electronics such as active and passive components, printed circuit boards, power, displays, controls/ starters and renewable energy systems.
  • Electro mechanics such as motors and pumps
  • Machined such as surface treatment, sheet metal-, welded - and turned parts
  • Packaging such as polymer, wooden and cardboard packaging as well as labels, nameplates and instructions

The total direct purchase in Grundfos exceeds 600 mio. Eur a year and enables production of more than 16 mio. pumps.


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