CO2 emission in focus


"Minimising of your comapny's corbon footprint makes sense. Not only in terms of becoming greener, but also because of the finicial benefit incorporated"

Considering purchase in GRUNDFOS, we do not only have a responsibility concerning the sourced products or components, we also have a responsibility concerning the community and environment. That is why GRUNDFOS Group Purchase wishes to be responsible as an active partner to inspire the suppliers to measure and reduce their CO2 emission and to take responsibility themselves regarding the future climate.

Over the decades, companies have been required to add more and more parameters to service the market. Factors such as cost, speed, quality, flexibility, uniqueness have become important competitive parameters and shifted from “order winners” to “order qualifiers”. The trend with scarcity of resources, etc. affects our customers and this makes us ask: “what do you do to protect the environment?” In GRUNDFOS, sustainability is shifting from an “order winner” to an “order qualifier” and we can proudly say: “We do something”. It is a journey and the road is long. However, if you wait you will fall behind the rest of the pack. GRUNDFOS is not willing to risk that.

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Exampel of calculation.

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