Grundfos Project Award


Every year, Grundfos awards DKK 25,000 to the person or project group who has prepared the best work placement project or final dissertation in collaboration with Grundfos during the past year. One award is given for an engineering project and one for a project in a different field.

Innovative with scientific weight
To be considered for the Grundfos Project Award, the project must be innovative and useful, and have scientific weight. Attention is also paid to presentation and communication skills and the assessment provided by the Grundfos contact person for the project.

Enter your project
If you have written a project that you feel meets the above requirements, you can apply for the current Grundfos Project Award. To do so, send a 1–2 page abstract describing your project or dissertation. Remember to highlight the value that the project would provide for Grundfos.

Send your abstract to