Your application


Your application

When you apply, all documents must be in English and you must enclose:

  • CV listing your experiences and competencies.
  • Motivational cover letter.
  • Academic transcripts showing your results. If you have not yet finished your degree, please attach the results you have obtained so far.

Recruitment Process

In the evaluation of the applications we look for a good match between the requirements of the programme and your profile. The recruitment process contains at least five steps. More assessments may be integrated if needed.

  • Screening of applications by HR.
  • Phone interviews with potential candidates.
  • Personal interview with candidates performed by the local Programme Manager/HR and a business manager, where you are asked to do a presentation and to complete a psychometric. Preparation is required.
  • Personal interview with selected top candidates performed by the Global Programme Manager and Regional HR Manager. You are asked to do an assignment during the interview. No preparation is required. 
  • Job offers for the qualified candidates.