Jobs around the world

Jobs around the world

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Jobs in Denmark

Jobs in Denmark

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Grundfos is the place to work when ...

  • you want sustainability to be your first priority,
  • you want to be there for a growing world,
  • you want to pioneer new ways to address global challenges

 Sales people, engineers, technicians, university graduates and more are pursuing rewarding careers with Grundfos throughout the world.

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Work for a global agenda

Meet the energy challengeimage dropshadow

If every business in the world switched to high efficiency pump systems, it could save the total residential electricity consumption equal to 1 billion people.

Learn more about Grundfos' work to reduce energy consumption.

Help bring water to life

Opening water2life project in Kenyaimage dropshadow

Grundfos Brings Water2Life is an employee driven programme enabling Grundfos employees worldwide to provide access to safe water for some of the world’s poorest people.

Read about how Water2Life works

United by our values

Grundfos people talk here about what our values mean to them.

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